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Design in Our World

Creative activities for Muslim kids



Design in Our World

Creative activities for Muslim kids


Islam Imagined is a new platform for fun, faith-based activities for children of all ages.

Browse through our selection of educational activities and lessons, discover something that interests you (or your children!) and use these as tools to help unlock creativity and spark new ideas!

Maybe you want to design your own self-driving car to get to Fajr prayer safely, or build a mosque on Minecraft, or learn to fly with Ibn Firnas...

There are many activities to explore under these three themes with Islamic references as a common thread:





Theme 1: Design In Our World

By mixing arts, technology, and science, our design activities encourage kids to use their imagination to its highest potential.

These activities introduce basic design concepts and processes, so that they can envision how to create and construct their own innovative ideas in a rapidly changing world.

Check out the activities below, and click through to get started!


Learn about the design process, so that you can invent new, important technologies to help people globally!


Muslims perform wudu about five times day! But that can be challenging when you're not at home. Design an innovative and transportable wudu' bottle that's easy to carry around.


Some of the most exciting creations made by humans started by asking a simple question: How can we make the impossible possible? Learn about the engineering process so that you, too, can invent.


Because of emerging technology, schools will always keep changing and advancing. They won't always look the way they do now! Can you think of what the smart Islamic school of the future could look like?


Did you know that there are big printers that can print 3D objects? Imagine printing a prayer mat! Think of a new technology that could similarly create things people could use to help them.


Build a mosque in Minecraft to understand how the building process begins and ends, all in 3D space!


One day Muslims might be living in outer space! But where will they pray? Imagine what a space mosque might look like and the features it might need to protect the people inside.

7. Islamic Cities Of The Future

Envision a world with floating cities, upside down houses, and complex sky transport! Check out some futuristic artwork and imagine what Islamic cities could look like 1000 years from now!

8. Transportable prayer mat

When traveling we often forget to take a prayer mat with us, or it just doesn't fit in our bags! Your task is to design the prayer mat of the future, something that is easy to carry, remember, and use!

10. space da'wa

You've been asked to travel to a new planet to teach aliens about Islam! The problem might take a long time to get there. Design a space exploration machine that can get you to outer space faster than any rocket.

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Innovation In Our Heritage

innovation in our heritage

Innovation In Our Heritage

innovation in our heritage

THEME 2: innovation in our heritage

By challenging kids to think originally with hands-on design projects, these activities help Muslim children become confident in their creative abilities and experimentation. 

Each activity has been strategically designed to instil both knowledge and appreciation of Islamic history and concepts, allowing children to feel pride in their Muslim identity.

Check out the activities below and click through to get started!

1. Al-Biruni's Ocean Treasures

Al-Biruni was the first person to realise that some mountains were once under the sea! Build a sea exploration machine to navigate our underwater mountains and find rare fossils and treasure.

2. hoW TO FLY

Get to know Ibn Firnas, and other cool people who have helped create planes and rockets. Be inspired by their knowledge to invent your own flying machine.

3. Build an islamic palace!

Build and design a special palace for a Caliph! What if the beautiful palaces of the past could fly?

4. CAlligraffiti with el seed

Beautiful Arabic calligraphy has been in the Islamic tradition for over 1,400 years - and it continues to thrive! Get to know one of the world's most talented artists and try your hand at some calligraffiti.

5. living islamic art

Muslims have been using complex geometry to create beautiful and intricate Islamic art for thousands of years. Create some of your own, and imagine how Islamic vector art could evolve in the future.


Augmented reality allows you to immerse yourself in entirely new worlds without moving from where you're sitting!  Imagine how you might teach someone about Islamic history using augmented reality.

7. calligraphy of the future

You might think that Arabic calligraphy is a thing of the past, but you'd be wrong! Use your imagination to create an Arabic calligraphy of the future.


Learn about one of the first inventors in history, and design a ground-breaking engineering project!

9. time travel with al-tusi

Al-Tusi was the first person to realise that animals adapt to their environment to survive. But this takes a long time! Build a time machine to take you to the future, so you can see how today's animals might change!

10. virtual reality makkah

One day people might be able to visit Makkah from their home. How, you ask? Through virtual reality of course!  Think about virtual reality and what other uses it could have beyond entertainment.

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Technology of the Future

technology of the future

Technology of the Future

technology of the future

THEME 3: technology of the future

Maybe Self-driving cars, personal drones, coding for convenience, and artificial intelligence will be the norm in the future. Haven't spent much time thinking about it? Don't worry, we've brought together some brilliant resources to bring you to the forefront of what's going on in the tech world. 

Check out these awesome activities geared toward introducing children to these emerging technologies. Let's spark a genuine passion for discovery and positive innovation from an early age!

Be sure to click through to get started!


Coding is a way to talk to computers or systems and tell them what to do! Try your hand at coding, then think about how it has impacted your life, and how it can change the future.

2. Build a toy with Loujee

As Muslims, we learn Arabic to help us read and understand the Quran. One of the ways we can learn Arabic is with Loujee. Your task is to design your own toy to help teach other kids Arabic as well as Loujee does!

3. ramadan ROBOT

Design a storage robot that can organise people's shoes in the masjid during Ramadan, so that it stays clean and people get their shoes back quickly and correctly!

4. Robot dinosaurs

Imagine bringing a dinosaur back to life! This might actually be possible through brilliant robotic technologies. Design your own robot dinosaur, and think about how would it help society!

5. build a car

Driving to the mosque with your parents at fajr time for prayer can be dangerous when you're still sleepy! Your mission is to design a car that drives on its own!

6. Bring a computer to life

Artificial intelligence is like a person with superhuman powers! Except it's really just a machine. Give a computer a mind of its own, and make it do amazing things!

7. drone to the rescue!

In the future, fresh water resources might become rarer and harder to access. But we need clean water for wudu' and to keep clean! Can you build an advanced drone that can locate hidden water sources from high above?

8. books of the future

Use augmented reality to create a 'future book' to imagine how reading could be improved to make learning more fun, and much easier to remember!

9. salam Sensors

With the 'internet of everything,' machines and items of the future might be able to use the internet to talk to each other. Learn about the IOE and think about what amazing things you could do!


An important Islamic principle is taking care of the environment. Your task is to invent the ultimate smart environment-cleaning machine.