About peter gould


Peter gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur, and artist...

He is described by the BBC as "among those young, urban Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool." His innovative, award-winning work is highly sought after globally and it has touched millions with positive, inspirational, creative projects. 

He has won several awards including the Islamic Economy Award 2015 (Islamic Arts) presented by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, launched his own apps & games, created popular online platforms, teaches workshops internationally, has work published in several books, and is followed by over a quarter million people on social media.

He founded and runs a successful international strategic branding & design firm, Gould.Sydney, which has worked with a wider spectrum of clients from global icons such as the United Nations, well-known personalities, governments, and household brand names including Etihad Airways and Thomson Reuters.

In 2016, Peter co-founded Zileej, a Dubai-based innovation company focusing on developing a new generation of brands, lifestyle products, and creative experiences for Muslims. The first range of educational toys & games are due for release in 2017.

Through his work and artistic projects, Peter aims to inspire and promote understanding, positivity, and creative thinking in the global community.

I’m just trying to encourage Muslims to embrace their creativity, not as this new, innovative thing but recognising that that’s what we did as a Muslim global population and tradition and civilisation.

Our calligraphers were celebrated and our poets were highly sought after and that was the creative language of the day.

Now what we’ve got is social media and new technologies. We have to keep growing our tradition with these new tools.
— Peter Gould