learn to code!


If you have ever played Islamic games online or on your xbox, or used your ipad to listen to the Quran in Ramadan, or even used your washing machine to have clean clothes for the Mosque...then you should know that all these technologies are only possible because of programmers who write code!

Coding is a way to talk to computers or systems and tell them what to do. It's necessary so that the different machines and technologies we use everyday work properly and in a way that we expect. With computer coding, you can create almost anything you want to. Your task is to think about how coding has impacted your life, and how it can change the future.


Ages: 9+

Group: Individually.

Learning aims: Design skills, introduction to coding and modern technologies, problem solving skills, creative thinking, consideration of positive impact and change through technology.

You'll need: Youtube, the Internet.

Optional: Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding book.



Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these videos to get an introduction to coding:

2. Think about what sorts of things you have interacted with just today that involve coding. What are they? How many can you list?

3. Visit the website Made with Code projects to practice with code, see what it's capable of, and get some ideas!

4. Think of how coding could help the future, or what you could create using code! What would you use it for?

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