books of the future


In the future, reading the Quran or stories from Islamic history could be an entirely new experience as technology continues to change the way we live. Imagine reading about the Prophet (peace be upon him) and seeing 3D projections about the people and things he interacted with during his lifetime pop up right in front of you - as you're reading along!

Your mission is to creature a 'future book', to imagine how reading could be improved in the future to make gaining knowledge more fun, and much easier to remember.


Ages: 6+

Group: Individually or in groups.

Learning aims: Design skills, thinking about new and modern technologies, problem solving skills, creative thinking, consideration of positive impact and change through technology.

You'll need: Youtube, paper, pen.

Optional: ActiveLens augmented reality books + Mobile phone with ActiveLens app.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to get an introduction to the way that technology is changing the way we read!

2. Imagine what the future of reading looks like, and how technology could improve reading experiences in wildly different ways to today. Use your imagination - think of how you would love for reading to be!

3. Draw a sketch of how you imagine these 'Future Books' are designed. What might they need to work? Label the features.

4. Send a picture of your future book to! We'd love to see what your mind has conjured.

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