build a car


Driving to the mosque with your parents at fajr time for prayer can be a bit tricky and dangerous when you're still sleepy! Wouldn't it be cool to have a car that drives itself? Luckily, it's possible!

Your mission is to design your own automatic car of the future, one that drives all by itself!


Ages: 6+

Group: Best in groups of 2-3.

Learning aims: Design skills, familiarity with modern technologies, problem solving skills, creative thinking.

You'll need: Pen, paper, Youtube, Lego.

Optional: LittleBits kit.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch the video below to see how self-driving cars are possible:

2. Think about what technology is behind the automatic cars that currently exist. What technology of your own can you think of?

3. Imagine what your futuristic car would look like and what would it need to work. What cool features does it have to drive you around, and where can it go? What can people use it for?

4. Draw a picture to design your car, then build it with either Lego or LittleBits!

5. Email a photo  of your car to! The Islam Imagined community would love to share your invention.

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