Calligraphy of the future


Did you know that Arabic calligraphy is a type of art that has been around for thousands of years? Over that time, many different styles have been created.

Today, many artists around the world are still creating exciting modern Arabic calligraphy styles that are just as beautiful.

Your mission is to go on a trip through the past until today to explore some of the main different calligraphy styles. Then, use your imagination to create an Arabic calligraphy of the future! All it takes is some creative thinking and your own personal touch.


Ages: 7+ 

Group size: Independent 

Learning aims: Creative thinking, familiarity with different calligraphy styles, drawing, reading and understanding

You'll Need: Printer, colouring-in materials, fresh white drawing paper.

Let's Get Started!

1. Download this worksheet that explores different types of Arabic calligraphy styles:

2. Colour in the templates while taking notice of how different they look. What kind of texts do you think would have been written in Arabic calligraphy styles, and why? How does the calligraphy incorporate fancy artistic drawings? Think of how you would do the same!

3. Now that you have seen some of the classic old styles, have a look at an example of the modern calligraphy of today! This is sometimes called ‘Arabic Graffiti’, even though it’s calligraphic art in its own right!

4. Imagine what might be popular in the future, and write your own name (or any other word!) in Arabic with a unique calligraphy style. Stuck for ideas? You can borrow elements from past calligraphy styles, and even incorporate pictures in your calligraphy like the artists of old!

5. Send a picture of your design to - we'd love to see what you've created, and share it with the Islam Imagined community. 

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