bring a computer to life


Artificial intelligence (AI) is when a computer can understand what you're asking it do to, and then find a way to do it! Today Muslims have used artificial intelligence to scan the text of the Quran a thousand times faster than we can read, to find out how many times every word is used, and how! This helps us understand our religion better.

But artificial intelligence is all around us in many different forms, in the technology we use every single day. Artificial intelligence can translate languages in minutes, or even guide robot exploration on the moon or sea floor or other places we can't easily visit. Your mission is to think about how artificial intelligence impacts us and can shape the future. Create a smart machine of your own!


Ages: 7+

Group: Individually.

Learning Aims: introduction to artificial intelligence, thinking about positive change through technology, improving creative thinking, design skills.

You’ll Need: Youtube, pen and paper, coloring markers.




Let's Get Started!

1. Get a sense of what artificial intelligence is, and how it works, by watching these two videos:

2. Think of something that you have done, or are doing today - how do you think artificial intelligence could change that in the future?

3. Think of some of the things that you use to help you get about your life. How many of them are using AI technology? Write them down.

4. If you gave a computer a mind of its own, what is something amazing that you would make it do? Think of artificial intelligence like a person with superhuman powers.

5. Design your machine, robot, or computer and sketch it out!

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