Time travel with al-tusi!


Did you know that a Muslim called Nasir al-Din al-Tusi was the first person to realise that plants and animals change shape and form to adapt to their environment to survive? But this happens over a really long time: hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years!

Your task is to build a time machine that can take you to the future, to see what the animals that we have today could look like later on.


Ages: 8+

Group: In groups of 5.

Learning aims: Introduction to emerging theories, familiarity with modern technology and scientific processes, problem solving skills, creative thinking, design skills.

You'll need: Pen, paper, Youtube, Lego, Big Cardboad box and cardboard pieces, paper plates, paper rolls, colouring markers, anything else you might find in the recycling bin.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to learn about time travel and the technology we need to make it possible!

2. Design your time machine - what features does it have? How does it work? Build it using all the scraps you can find!

3. Show your friends or classmates what you have built. Draw sketches of the animals of the future - what would they look like, what sort of things would have caused them to change? Think about what animals might struggle with in our environment today.

4. Send a picture of your time machine to salam@islamimagined.com  ! We'd love to see what you've invented.

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