Islamic cities of the future


For a long time artists, scientists, and story-tellers have been imagining what cities in the future world of technology and globalisation might look like. They have imagined that soon there will be so many people on earth that, not only will we have to keep building up in the sky to fit everyone, but we might even have to start building upside down! They have also envisioned floating cities, and complex sky transport.

Your task is to look at some imaginative city artwork and think about how Islamic cities might look like 1000 years from now!


Ages: 6+

Group size: Individually.

Learning aims: Design skills, boost creative confidence, construct innovative ideas, develop problem solving skills.

You'll Need: Youtube, pencil and paper, markers or colouring pencils.

Let's Get Started!

1. Look at this collection to see examples of this kind of art, and then watch this video to get inspired by Islamic architecture.

2. Imagine your future Islamic city and what it might look like. Draw it on paper and colour it in. You can even use any design programs such as Photoshop, if you know how to use it!

3. Send a picture of your futuristic art to  ! We'd love to see what you've thought of.

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