green islam


Did you know that the Quran contains more than 1,500 verses about the environment? A very important principle in Islam is to keep the environment clean and healthy. But sadly, with the world being so big and busy, there are lots of places on earth that have been neglected and need our help.

There are lots of smart technologies these days that have the potential to help. How can we make cleaning the environment easier in the future? Your mission is to invent the ultimate smart cleaning machine to help the environment. 


Age: 6+

Groups: Individually.

Learning aims: introduction to emerging technologies, design skills, creative thinking, problem solving skills, thinking about positive impact.

You'll need: Pen, paper, Youtube, Lego.


Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these videos to see how people are using technology to help others!

2. Think of an environmental location on earth that needs our help really badly. Use Youtube to see what kinds of environmental problems exist.

3. Design a futuristic contraption or machine that can help solve the problem. Sketch and label your design, and think about what it will need to involve.

4. Build a model of your invention with Lego.

5. Send a photo to!

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