calligraffiti WITH EL SEED


Beautiful Arabic calligraphy has been in the Islamic tradition for over 1,400 years! You might think that Islamic calligraphy is ancient history, and doesn't exist anymore - but that's not true! Arabic calligraphy is constantly growing and being used in Islamic projects worldwide.
Amazing and popular Muslim artists like eL Seed are still creating fresh new designs today - and you can even find them coloring everyday street walls! Your task is to get to know this talented artist and try some Arabic Graffiti of your own.


Ages: 4+

Group size: Individual.

Learning aims: Design skills, creative thinking skills, introduction to modern Arabic design and calligraphy.

You'll Need: Youtube, Pen and paper, coloured markers.

Let's Get Started!

1. Get to know eL Seed and his art by watching this video:

eL Seed is a Tunisian artist, born in France, who creates large-scale works of art combining the vernacular of street art with Arabic calligraphy.

2. Look at other examples of modern Arabic calligraphy!

3. Grab a paper and pencil and start drafting your own Arabic Grafitti. You could start with your favourite Arabic word or phrase. Get an adult to help you spell it if you need to!

4. Colour in your design with a crazy and wacky mix of colours that will attract attention!

5. Send a picture of your caligraffiti to  ! We'd love to see what you've drawn!

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