Islamic e-classroom of the future


50 years ago, schools didn't even have computers in them! These days schools have lots of new technologies in the classroom to help kids learn, like interactive whiteboards and computer games on big screens.

But schools will always keep changing and advancing - they won't always look the way they do now! What would the smart Islamic school of the future look like?


Ages: 6+

Group: Groups of 5.

Learning aims: Design skills, thinking about new and modern technologies, problem solving skills, creative thinking, consideration of positive impact and change through technology.

You'll need: Large butcher paper, markers.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these videos to see how some people have envisioned future schools:

2. Think about Islamic schools of the future and how they would be different. What ideas and technologies could it incorporate to improve children's experiences? How would they help kids gain an Islamic education and be better Muslims?

3. Design your Islamic school and label all the new features. Think about how all the new innovations in science and technology could make schooling easier! Use your imagination - what things don't you like about your school, and how could technology help?

4. Present your ideas to the other groups in the class.

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