learn to design


Have you ever ridden your bike to the local mosque? Or used an athaan app to keep track of prayer times? Or even played an interactive game on your ipad to help you learn Arabic? If you look around you, almost everything you use in your life went through a design process before it could be made, sold, or distributed to you.

When thinking of a new idea to share with the world, planning is very important. There is a method involved in design that you can easily learn to help you become a talented creator. Your task is to learn how to design, so that you can think of new, important technologies to help people globally!


Ages: 6+

Group: Individually.

Learning Aims: understanding the role of design in our world, become familiar with design processes, boost creative confidence.

You’ll Need: Youtube, pen and paper.


Let's Get Started!

1. Watch the video below to learn about the design process:

2. Think about all the steps involved in the design process and make a list of what they are.

3. Think of an item you interacted with today. What steps do you think the designer took before creating it, and what sorts of questions do you think they would have asked? Write them down.

4. Think of a new and creative technology or product that could help other Muslims. It could be anything at all. What is something that can help Muslims practice their faith? Use the design process you just learned to imagine what it needs to include, what problems you might face, and how you would fix them.

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