Drone to the rescue!


Drones are little robots that can fly - think of them as advanced remote control helicopters! They can go quite high in the sky and can come in handy for those hard to view places that you wouldn't be able to go to yourself. They even have a camera so that you can see where you're taking it.

Water is a necessity for life, and Muslims especially need to have enough fresh water so that everyone can keep clean and perform wudu'. In the future, fresh water resources might become rarer and harder to access. Your task is to build an advanced drone with new technology that can locate hidden water sources from high above.


Ages: 8+

Group: Individually.

Learning aims: Design skills, introduction to modern technologies, problem solving skills, creative thinking, consideration of positive impact and change through technology.

You'll need: Youtube, Lego, Paper and pens.

Optional: LittleBits kit.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these videos to understand how water is naturally stored, and how drones can be used in different ways:

2. Imagine your future drone - what will it need to have? What will it look like? Think about where water is found and how your drone could access and catch that water.

3. Think about what else your drone would be able to do to help people (and all the things it will need to be able to do to do so!)

4. Design your drone on paper with labels of its features, then build it with Lego or LittleBits!

5. The Islam Imagined community wants to see your invention! Send a picture of your drone to salam@islamimagined.com!

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