Imagine wearing a little device on your shirt while you are praying. Imagine this device is so clever that it records your Quran recitation, and then immediately sends a file to your laptop or phone saying what pronunciation you got wrong - so that you can practice it better later. Imagine you're driving home for iftar time, and could send a text message from your car to your oven to start cooking food so that it's ready by the time you get home!

With an increasingly interconnected world, it might soon be possible for the most unlikely of devices or machines to communicate with other devices and machines, as well as you, through wifi! These days, this concept is called 'the Internet of everything', where communication is at an all time high. Can you imagine how machines and items of the future might use the internet to talk to each other, and what amazing things could come out of that? What could you do with the Internet of everything?


Ages: 8+

Group: Individually.

Learning aims: Familiarity with emerging technologies, introduction to complex concepts, problem solving skills, creative thinking.

You'll need: Pen, paper, Youtube.


Let's Get Started!

1. Learn about the internet of everything by reading this article and watching the video featured on the page. Then watch the video below to get an overview:

2. Think about the things around you and the everyday rituals you experience. How could they be improved by the 'Internet of Everything?' How could it make life easier?

3. Imagine a future functioning entirely around the Internet of Everything, what would it look like?

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