Do You Wudu?


Muslims make wudu about 5 times a day before prayer. Take a moment to think about the steps when making wudu...hands, face, feet! There are some awkward moments when making wudu in public, like when trying to wash your feet in the sink!

In order to make it easier, can you create a transportable wudu bottle? It has to be easy to carry around and useful when making wudu.

When designing your wudu bottle, ask yourself what’s special about it: how is it different to carrying a regular water bottle? How does it make washing those tricky places easier? Think about what cool design or technology it might have.


Ages: 10+

Group size: Best in groups of 3-5

Learning aims: Basic concepts of design, problem solving, creative thinking, translating thoughts into building a physical item

You'll Need: Paper, drawing materials, YouTube, Printer, plastic bottles, empty boxes, and other useful things you can find in the recycling bin

Let's Get Started!

1. Check out these videos to learn how to design, and how to make wudu:

2. Think about the problems you might face when making wudu. Ask your mum and dad, aunt and uncle, or friends about their experiences making wudu in public. Write these down. What problems are mentioned the most?

3. What features does your wudu bottle need to have to solve these problems? It’s very important to keep solutions in mind during the design process so that you know how to begin!

4. Plan the materials you may need to make a wudu bottle with all the features you thought of in step 3.

5. Build your wudu bottle using any helpful recycling materials you can find!

6. Send a picture of your wudu' bottle to - we'd love to see what you've created and share it with the Islam Imagined community. 

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