print your ideas


Did you know that there are big printers that can print 3D objects? That means that instead of printing words on paper, you could print real life toys or items that you can touch and feel and use for many different things! Imagine printing a brand new bookshelf to hold your Arabic books, or even a new prayer mat! 

Think of a new machine or technology that could similarly create things people could use to help them in everyday life.


Ages: 5+

Group: Individually or in groups.

Learning Aims: Understand the role of design in our world, think of new technologies and their impact, boost creative confidence.

You’ll Need: Youtube, pen and paper.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to understand the design process, and to see how emerging technology such as 3D printers have made people's lives better:

2. As you can see, anything is possible these days! Think of a machine or technology that doesn't exist yet, but could help Muslims fill a gap in their lives or make things easier for them. What does it do? How does it do it? 

3. Sketch and design your new technology.

4. Ask your family and friends what they think, and how they would use it!

5. Send a photo to so you can share it with the Islam Imagined community!

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