become an inventor


Some of the most exciting creations made by humans started by asking a simple question: How can we make the impossible possible? Questions like this led to the invention of the water well, which is a tool to bring clean water from deep in the ground so that it can be used for wudu!

Many Muslims around the world still depend on water wells to have clean water to do a proper wudu. This wasn't always possible before! It's your turn to be an inventor.


Ages: 6+

Group: In groups.

Learning Aims: Understand the role of design in our world, think of new technologies and their impact, think of design and engineering aspects, boost creative confidence.

You’ll Need: Youtube, pen and paper

Optional:  Magna Tiles Clear Colours, Lego Figurines

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to see what you need to do to be an inventor!

2.  Think of three things that Muslims can't currently do, and think of what you could build to make it easier, or even possible! Write them down.

3. Use the design process you just learned from the video to plan your three creations. Write down how they work and what they look like!

4. Use the Magna tiles to create a model of your new inventions. Use the Lego Figurines to show how people would use it!

5. Send a photo to so you can share it with the Islam Imagined community!

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