Build a toy with loujee


Arabic is one of the oldest and most beautiful languages in the world! As Muslims, we learn Arabic to help us read and understand the Quran and engage with Islamic cultures in general.

One of the ways we can learn Arabic is with Loujee. Your task is to design your own toy to help teach other kids Arabic as well as Loujee does!


Ages: 5+

Group: In groups of 3, or individually.

Learning aims: Improve Arabic language skills, creative thinking skills, introduction to modern Arabic, design skills.

You'll need: Loujee Toy, Iphone with the Loujee Application downloaded, Pen and paper, coloured markers.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch this video to see how Loujee works!

2. Get an adult to help you insert the iphone in Loujee and turn on the application!

3. Listen to the stories and play the quizzes either by yourself or with friends! Help each other answer the questions in the quizzes, and only talk to each other in Arabic!

4. Imagine an Arabic toy in the future - what would it look like and how could it teach people? What could it do that Loujee can't do? What special technology does it have that could help you learn better and faster?

5. Design your Arabic-teaching toy of the future and make it look really cool so kids will want to use it. Sketch it, label it, and colour it in.

6. Email a photo of your new Arabic toy to! We'd love to see what you have come up with.

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