transportable prayer mat


Muslims move around a lot to work, school, and other places all throughout the day. This means that we have to have a prayer mat at all times so that we have something clean to pray on whenever Athaan time strikes!

However, sometimes we forget to take one or just can't fit it in our bags. Your task is to design the prayer mat of the future, something that is easy to carry, remember, and use!


Ages: 6+

Group size: Individually.

Learning aims: design skills, boost creative confidence, construct innovative ideas, develop problem solving skills.

You'll Need: Paper, drawing materials, YouTube, Lego.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to learn about the design process, and what kind of technology is available to us today.

2. With the power of science and technology in mind, imagine how future prayer mats might work. They have to be small enough to carry around but still big enough to pray on! How do you overcome this problem? Design your own, and use your imagination.
3.  Sketch your prayer mat!

4. Send a picture of your new design to  ! The Islam Imagined community would love to see what you've created.

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