robot dinosaurs


Did you know that the Arabic word for creature or beast is ‘dabba’? The Holy Quran uses this word a lot, and it simply means ‘anything alive that walks on the earth!’ That means a dabba can be a human, an angel, or even...a dinosaur!

Humans have been so fascinated with dinosaurs that they have tried to bring them back to life through amazing robotic technologies, recreating robot dinosaurs that look, move, and roar just like they would have 65 million years ago! 

Your task is to use your imagination to design your own dinosaur dabba, and then think of how you would bring it to life! The robot should do more than just look cool, how would it help society?


Ages: 6+

Group size: Individually.

Learning aims: Creative thinking, drawing, problem solving and design skills.

You'll Need: Paper, drawing materials, YouTube, Lego bricks.


Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these interesting videos to learn about dinosaurs and robots:

3. Think about your new robot and how it will help solve people's problems. Be as creative as possible. Think about what sorts of things people might need help with these days, and write your ideas down on a paper.

4. Draw a colorful sketch and design it.

5. Build a model of your robot using Lego bricks to show people how it will contribute to people's lives!

6. Submit a photo to! The Islam Imagined community will love to see what you've thought of. 

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