A Mosque In Space


One day Muslims might be living in outer space! But where will they pray?

Imagine what a space mosque might look like and the features it might need to protect the people inside. Try to think of unique space technologies your mosque might have to make it easier for Muslims to worship!


Ages: 4+

Group size: Individual or small groups

Skills: Creative thinking, drawing skills, design

You'll Need: Paper, drawing materials, YouTube

Let's Get Started!

1. Check out these videos to learn about the planets:

2. Choose a planet you want your space mosque to be on. It can be a planet that already exists, or you can create your own! What will your new planet be called? Why might Muslims want to live there?

3. Think about what you have learned about your chosen planet from the song (you can revisit it if you'd like!) Will any of these facts influence your space mosque? Is there anything that would make it hard to build a mosque and pray on that planet, and if so, what clever things can you think of to get around it?

4. Draw your space mosque! Throughout history, Muslims have proved to be some of the most talented architects and designers in the world. Watch this video to see twenty examples of beautiful mosques around the globe. What designs are your favourite? Remember your favourite features, and then put a cool new galactic spin on it!

5. Email your finished activity to salam@islamimagined.com - we'd love to see what you've created.

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some cool space mosques from our friends!