design an islamic palace


Muslim rulers in the past were called Caliphs. They used to live in big, beautifully designed palaces where poets could come and recite poetry to them in exchange for a gift.

Imagine you are building a special palace for a Caliph who wants it to be able to fly around so he can go anywhere he wants. What would it look like, and how would it work?


Ages: 6+

Group: Individually.

Learning Aims: using tangible tools to bring design ideas to life, design skills, using craft to visualize and solve design problems.

You’ll Need: Youtube, pen and paper, colored markers

Optional: 1001 Inventions Book and Lego WeDo brick set.

Let's Get Started!

1. Look through the 1001 Inventions book to see what Islamic buildings looked like. Keep track of your favourite designs!

2. Palaces had beautiful decorations. Check this link to see some decorations found inside some Islamic buildings.

3. Use a pen and paper to design your palace. Draw what it would look like as well as the inside rooms and decorations. Add your own touch. What kind of machines and technology would it need to let it move around and fly?

4. Use Lego WeDo to build a model of your palace exactly as you drew it on your paper. Try to make it as close to your original as possible!

 5. Send a photo to so you can share it with the Islam Imagined community!

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