aL-bIRUNI'S ocean treasures


When you see a mountain, you might think that it has always been high off the ground! In fact, some of the world's oldest mountains were once under the sea before they got pushed up! The first person to discover this was a Muslim scientist called Al-Biruni, who found shells and skeletons of sea animals on the top of a big mountain and realized it must have been under the water once upon a time.

There are still underwater mountains in our seas today, and they hold all sorts of exciting treasures and fossils. Your task is to build a unique boat or submarine that can see deep in the ocean and travel around the underwater mountains.


Ages: 6+

Group size: Individually or in small groups

Learning aims: Understand the role of technology in our world, boost creative confidence, construct innovative ideas, develop problem solving skills.

You'll Need: Paper, drawing materials, YouTube, Lego.

Optional: LittleBits kit.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to learn about al-Biruni, and about underwater mountains!

2. Think of something like a boat or submarine that will have special exploration powers. The ocean is pretty dark, so think about how it could see under the water and what it will need to have to be able to reach those tricky places! What do you expect to find near the underwater mountains, and how will you collect it?
3. Design your exploration machine and sketch it out, then color it in! Be sure to label all the cool gadgets and tools that your new invention is equipped with.
4. Use a LittleBits or Lego set to build a model of your submarine!

5. Send a picture of your unique sea exploration machine to  ! The Islam Imagined community would love to see what you've invented.

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