recreate an old world


Augmented reality allows you to immerse yourself in entirely new worlds without moving from where you're sitting! The images or movements are just holograms, but they look completely real. Imagine seeing an old Arabian palace sprout from the palm of your hands, or having a Bedouin warrior ride his horse right past you in your living room!

Your task is to imagine how you would teach someone about Islamic history using augmented reality.


Ages: 9+

Group: Individually.

Learning aims: Design skills, introduction to augmented reality, creative thinking, consideration of positive impact and change through technology.

You'll need: Youtube, Pen and paper.

Optional: 1001 Inventions book.

Let's Get Started!

1. Watch these exciting videos to understand how augmented reality works!

2. Think about your favorite Islamic person, place, or thing in the past or present. It could even be your favorite Islamic story. Decide who or what it is you would like someone to see right in front of them! 

3. Use the 1001 Inventions book for ideas, or search the Internet, to visualize how that looks.

4. Imagine how your favorite bit of Islamic history could be recreated for someone in augmented reality. Create a plan that explains how they would view and understand it! Does a big mosque pop up from the ground? Does your story begin by taking the person through the scorching Arabian desert where hyenas run all around you? Use your imagination!

5. Write your plan down to share it with others.

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