THEME 2: innovation in our heritage

By challenging kids to think originally with hands-on design projects, these activities help Muslim children become confident in their creative abilities and experimentation. 

Each activity has been strategically designed to instil both knowledge and appreciation of Islamic history and concepts, allowing children to feel pride in their Muslim identity.

Check out the activities below and click through to get started!

1. Al-Biruni's Ocean Treasures

Al-Biruni was the first person to realise that some mountains were once under the sea! Build a sea exploration machine to navigate our underwater mountains and find rare fossils and treasure.

2. hoW TO FLY

Get to know Ibn Firnas, and other cool people who have helped create planes and rockets. Be inspired by their knowledge to invent your own flying machine.

3. Build an islamic palace!

Build and design a special palace for a Caliph! What if the beautiful palaces of the past could fly?

4. CAlligraffiti with el seed

Beautiful Arabic calligraphy has been in the Islamic tradition for over 1,400 years - and it continues to thrive! Get to know one of the world's most talented artists and try your hand at some calligraffiti.

5. living islamic art

Muslims have been using complex geometry to create beautiful and intricate Islamic art for thousands of years. Create some of your own, and imagine how Islamic vector art could evolve in the future.


Augmented reality allows you to immerse yourself in entirely new worlds without moving from where you're sitting!  Imagine how you might teach someone about Islamic history using augmented reality.

7. calligraphy of the future

You might think that Arabic calligraphy is a thing of the past, but you'd be wrong! Use your imagination to create an Arabic calligraphy of the future.


Learn about one of the first inventors in history, and design a ground-breaking engineering project!

9. time travel with al-tusi

Al-Tusi was the first person to realise that animals adapt to their environment to survive. But this takes a long time! Build a time machine to take you to the future, so you can see how today's animals might change!

10. virtual reality makkah

One day people might be able to visit Makkah from their home. How, you ask? Through virtual reality of course!  Think about virtual reality and what other uses it could have beyond entertainment.