animate with goldiblox


Before the advance of technology, people had to depend on spoken 'oral' traditions to share stories with each other. In fact, Islamic culture has had a tradition of story-telling that's existed for over a thousand years! Muslims of the past would gather in a room just to hear a talented qasas (storyteller) speak!

But nowadays, we have movies to make stories easier and better - some of the greatest tales of Islamic history are now taught to Muslims and non-Muslims alike through visual clips and cartoons! Believe it or not, they're incredibly easy to make.

Your task is to understand the animation process and make a short clip of your own original characters.


Ages: 6+

Group: Individually.

Learning Aims: introduction to animation, design, creative thinking, familiarity with emerging programs and technology.

You’ll Need: Internet, computers with GoldieBlox and the movie machine application (free).

Optional: Alternative animation program: ABCya!.

Let's Get Started!

1. Download the free GoldiBlox app and play around with it to get a feel for how it works.

2. Design one or two characters of your own. What do they look like, and what would you like them to do? Think of something fun and interesting that you'd like your characters to achieve, and how that would teach others an important lesson.

3. Use GoldiBlox to animate a story featuring your characters! Now that you're an animator, what kind of bigger story do you think you could make? What could you use this application for?

4. Coming soon: Submit a photo for Islam Imagined!

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